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Common Winter Pests in Utah Homes


Mice and rats will of course seek shelter to stay warm during the cold winter months. They can fit through very small openings in your home. It is important to try and find small entrances into your home and block those entry points. Try to eliminate any food and water sources. Keep your attics and garages clean, tidy and clutter free. Don’t store items in cardboard boxes that can be chewed through. It is much better to store your belongings in plastic containers. Installing chimney caps twill keep rodents from nesting inside your chimney. Seal holes and openings around pipes using caulk or expanding foam. Don’t leave pet food outside overnight.


Cockroaches are attracted to moisture and excess water. They will also enter your home in search of food. Check your pipes regularly for leaks and repair quickly.. Seal around pipe entry points into the home. Do not store belongings in cardboard. Plastic storage bins are a much better choice. Keep storage items off the floor. Keep your kitchen very clean. Regular cleaning of countertops and under the sink is important to keep cockroaches away. Store food (including pet food) in airtight containers.


Fleas will come in to your home on your pets. To prevent this, treat your animals with a flea shampoos and/or medicine. Wash your pet’s bedding and other items in hot water frequently. Vacuum regularly and be sure to empty vacuum bags each time you use it. Seal entry points into the house or under porches to prevent them from hiding there, as well.


Understand that spiders like to hide in areas of the home that are seldom used. Like basements, storage rooms, furnace rooms etc. Try to store your belongings in plastic containers. Seal cracks and holes in the exterior of your home to keep them from coming inside. Sweep and vacuum regularly. Clear out as much clutter as possible. Vacuum or clear out spider webs.

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