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Got Ants in Utah?

Ants are not fun. You see then appear and they just keep coming. They can be very hard to get rid of and can cause much frustration.
What is it that brings them around?
  • Ants are looking for food
  • Ants are looking for water
  • Ants are looking for shelter
Your home can provide all of these.
Ants like your pantry food and love dry pet food.
Ants can appear when you have leaky pipes or faucets.
Ants need shelter to reproduce. Your home or business can be a perfect location. Ants can enter through very small cracks or openings.
Ants can be a common problem for businesses and home owners.
Don’t get frustrated with an ants.
Let a professional take care of it for you.
Call 801-373-3940 now and let Buffo’s take care of your ant and pest problems!
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