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How To Prevent Spiders This Spring In Utah County

Spring is here. The temperatures are warming up. Spiders are starting to emerge. You do not want them in your home.

What Attracts Spiders?

Spiders eat insects, like ants, flies, moths, and more. Spiders will go wherever there is food. As ants and other insects becoming more active, Spiders will also become more active. `

Spiders hatch in the spring, which is another reason you may see more spiders around your home this time of year.

How to Prevent Spiders


Spiders can fit through very small cracks. Replace old and damaged weather stripping. Install door sweeps, and caulk around windows as a form of spider barriers.

Keep Indoor Pests Out

Spiders enter homes in search of a food. So if you have ants or other insects in your home, they need to be eliminated immediately.

Keep Your Home Clean

A clean home is important when it comes to preventing almost all pest infestations. De-clutter your home, vacuum regularly, and dust. Corners and beneath furniture and beds need extra attention. Spiders like to dwell in dark areas where they can hide and be undisturbed.

Hire a Spider Control Specialist

If you have spiders or want to prevent them from inhabiting your home, call a trusted, local pest control company. They have an extensive knowledge regarding spiders habits and behaviors. By inspecting your home, they can identify areas of vulnerability, and provide effective solutions.

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