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Lawn Care

With the extremely mild winter we have had this year it is a good time to start thinking about lawn care sooner than later! With the temperatures outside feeling more like spring than winter  Trees and Lawns are going to be starting to blossom and grow sooner than normal. Which could cause some damage and issues. It is very possible that we will have a lot of watering restrictions as well this year due to the very limited snow pack that we received. But, we can help you have a good looking lawn and help you train your lawn to be more drought tolerant. Here are some steps to take when watering your lawn this year.
It is best to water your lawn less often but for longer periods of time. Watering every day leads to shallow roots and fungus problems. In the cooler months your lawn needs 1” to 1.5” inches of water per week.

To determine your watering time, follow the directions below

  1. Set 3 or more flat bottom cans or mugs at various places on your lawn.
  2. Turn on your sprinkler system and run through a complete cycle.
  3. Measure the depth of the water in each can with a ruler and determine the average water depth in the cans.
  4. Multiply that figure by the number of days per week you water, this will give you your total inches of water per week

You can also find a watering guide at www.conservewater.utah.gov

For tips with Mowing your lawn, you should try and mow your lawn at least once a week to a height of about 3”-3.5” inches. If your lawn is cut too short, it will look brown and dead. If your lawn grows to long between mowing, your mower will tear the grass blades and create ragged brown tips. Excessively long grass blades will also drain your lawn of fertilizer and cause fading between treatments.

What our lawn care treatments do for you:
We make sure that we are applying a balanced fertilizer which means that your lawn is going to have a regular source of nutrients to help promote healthy growth. We also, apply a soil conditioner which helps your lawns water usage, so you get more benefit from your water. As well as prevent from pest, weed, and disease treatment, help the lawn thrive without competing for water and nutrients.

We also offer Aeration which is another beneficial thing for your lawn:

  • Helping the lawn improve on absorbing water and letting nutrients get into the soil
  • Increases your lawns root development-which makes it easier for the roots to reach water for a longer period of time between watering to help protect the grass from drought.
  • Less soil compaction prevents water from running off the lawn
  • It is recommended at least 1 time per year but can be done in spring and fall for heavier soils.
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