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What about wasps in Utah county?

Wasps become very aggressive to anything they perceive as a threat. They will sting anyone that threatens them. Unlike honey bees, a wasp can very painfully, sting many times, not just once.
If you find wasp’s nests on your property you will want to eliminate them. Nests can be in various locations throughout your property including your attic.
Wasp extermination can be very difficult for a property owner to attempt on their own.
It should be handled with great care in the safest and most efficient manner.
Expert knowledge and proper effective techniques and equipment are paramount.
Leave wasp extermination to the professionals at Buffo’s Termite and Pest Control.
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Buffo’s Termite and Pest Control is located in Provo, Utah. We have been proudly serving Utah since 1957!
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